The Red Horn Chapter II

The bandit Wolf hung chained in a pitch black room. Robbed from his leather hides and trusted axe, he stared at the ominous corridor beyond the thick bars. His life of brutal hedonism had magically ended. Alcohol, food, gambling, women, all the pleasures of life teased him beyond the prison. But he wasn’t ready to give up. Suddenly he picked a faint thud from far away. It grew louder and louder, the thud filled him with hope, until he saw a familiar a face. Hatred to fill three lifetimes surged through every muscle in his body. Even though he knew the face for only a day.
A sharp mellow face with blue eyes that never shine.
“My name is Ash Harion. As the Commander of the Elven Knights it shall be my duty and pleasure to interrogate you.” Wolf let out a dry chuckle. The overly prudish tone of the Elf sounded hilarious. Is this the same fearsome warrior who defeated him?


The Red Horn Chapter I

The Assault on Windheim

In the sea of flames you could hear screams of agony and pleasure. Blood gushed out of innocent flesh. Swords were dulled by sweat and tears. Amidst this chaos, two men clashed blades, one to still hunger, the other to claim justice.

They matched each other blow by blow. But within the heat of battle lay one fatal difference. The power of Magic. From the core of his soul, the Elven Knight  launched a fireball at his feral opponent. Guided by senses, he leaped in the air to escape. For a split second, the bandit floated unguarded. Ash smiled as victory hung a few feet above his head. He ended the battle with a shock of lightning.
Pain and fear intertwined within the mind and body of Wolf. The bandit sprawled over the blood-soaked ground like a dead animal. “Take him in”, commanded Ash to his men. Four slender Knights clad in olive green armour stepped forward. Wolf’s tall, muscular body forced a tremendous strain on the battle-damaged carriers.
Ash wiped the blood of his hands with a leaf green handkerchief. He always hated to stain his hands. Beneath the starry night sky, Ash reflected on the battle at Windheim.
Another peaceful village has been raided by the Schelm Bandits. For how long will these incidents continue? He clenched his fists and silently bit his lips. But this time it’s different. Now they have captured a Schelm Bandit Captain alive. Surely, this will open a way to the renowned source of evil, the White Horn.

The Red Horn Prologue

Long ago, when the skies were haunted by roaring dragons of metal and scraped by mountains of ambition, the world burned in an invisible inferno. Mankind stood at a loss of words and wits as they succumbed to nature’s fiery revenge.

Whether it was by faith or magic, a soul has yet to tell. But from the waning light of life an unfamiliar being was born. I trembled out of fear for the unknown in the middle of descending mayhem.
Through his eyes and sword I perceived a strength that shook my foundations of knowledge. In one fell swoop he lifted the clouds from madness. Our bleeding sun burst with a cry as it plunged into abyss.
When the peaceful night stretched over the lands, the only thing in my mind’s eye was a violent Red. An unearthly Red from an unearthly creature. The Red Horn.

From the Age of Nucleus Vol. VIII, Tales of the Red Horn